Most of the services your doctor provides for you are supplied under the National Health Service. There are, however, some letters, reports and other documents which are not covered by the Nation Health Service.

Any work for which no fee is payable under the NHS must be charged privately. Examples include:

  • Some holiday vaccinations
  • Taking copies from patients” notes
  • Routine consultations with visitors from abroad (emergencies are treated free)
  • Private sick notes
  • Medical examinations
  • Completion of private insurance claim forms
  • “To whom it may concern” letters
  • Freedom from infection certificates
  • GP signature

We get a tremendous amount of this kind of work every year, and we simply cannot afford to do it without being paid. Our fees are based on recommendations from the British Medical Association (current charges are displayed at reception and are outlined below).

Fees and Charges

Not all services at the practice are available under the NHS.

Where patients request Non-NHS items or services a private fee may be applicable

  • Taxi Medicals and HGV Medicals – £100
  • Duplicate Sick/ Fit note – £15
  • Letters – Brief – £10
  • Letters – More detailed – £20
  • Access to medical records – £10
  • Private prescription – £10
  • Printout – (up to 4 pages) – £5
  • Passport forms/ witnessing photographs/ forms – £20
  • Meningitis certificate for Saudi Arabia (ACWY) – £20
  • Medical forms/ any forms Up to – £50
  • Private patient consultation ( Only with permission first) – £50

This information provided is for guidance and fees may be subject to change without notice.

Unfortunately we are only able to accept cash payments. Please bring the correct amount as change is not always available.